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In the winter of 1998, bev was notified that both of her Riverside albums had been reissued on CD’s. The reissues inspired bev to record a demo of some of the autobiographical tone poems she had been writing. bev had been introduced to writer/artist/producer Jimmy Felber in the ‘70’s while he was with Motown. He had just written and produced a hit entitled “Golden Girl” which was recorded by Al Jarreau. bev was very impressed with his talent, versatility and impeccable taste. When Jimmy and bev got together in his studio, their compatibility and musical talents inspired new thoughts, melodies and ideas. Their original plan to record a demo of four songs developed into “portrait of nine dreams.” Jimmy and bev wrote and co-wrote the nine songs on their newly released CD, which features bev on vocals, and music performed and arranged by Jimmy.

bev in 2001
bev in the studio 2001
photography Shawn Kelly

bev09.jpg (57979 bytes)
bev & Jimmy Felber
in the studio 2001
photography Shawn Kelly

 “portrait of nine dreams” gives the listener another side of bev than her Riverside recordings. The CD reflects her musical growth and incorporates life experiences. Progressive, fresh, soulful, and delivered from the heart, “portrait of nine dreams” paints an intimate and melodic picture. The nine  tone poems are eclectic in nature, blending bev and Jimmy’s jazz-influenced musical compositions with bev’s sultry voice and Jimmy’s beautifully flavored orchestrations. Always the innovators, bev and Jimmy are seasoned pro’s, drawing some from the past and setting new standards for the future. "portrait of nine dreams" is a pleasurable listening experience.


 “portrait of nine dreams” is available on jimeni records through North Country Distributors, Ph: (315) 287-2852, Fax: (315) 287-2860, email:, and Visit bev at , or contact her at

In 1976, bev started working in various clubs in California with 
drummer Al Williams and his quintet. In 1978, Al opened a club called 
the Jazz Safari and bev worked there with Al and his group until 1980.

In April, 1979, bev produced a two-night live session with Al and his 
quintet featuring Al on drums; Leroy Vinnegar, Bass; Dwight 
Dickerson, Piano; Richard Madariaga, Guitar; and Rudy Johnson, Tenor 
Sax. The previously unreleased CD entitled Bev Kelly Live At The Jazz 
Safari was released in June, 2007 by the prestigious SSJ label.

The CD is available through,,,, and 
Disk Union/Japan.

  also available at:

Bev Kelly Live At The Jazz Safari

Portrait Of Nine Dreams

Tower Records, Japan

Disk Union, Japan

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